Canada has a wide variety of options for International students. There are private and public schools offering courses such as ESL, nursing, Early Childhood Education, Trades, etc. While there are many choices of schools, choosing the right one may prove to be a difficult task. However, there are government recognized organizations which only allow companies of the highest standard to join. Schools that are a part of Languages Canada, PCTIA and EQA have passed and meet high levels of quality.

School Information
What is EQA?
(c) EQA is the quality assurance designation that identifies BC public and private post-secondary institutions that have met or exceeded provincial government recognized quality assurance standards and offer consumer protection.
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What is PCTIA?
(c) PCTIA has been carrying out the important role of student protection since 2004. PCTIA sets basic education standards for registered private career training institutions in British Columbia and establishes standards of quality which must be qualified by accredited institutions.
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What is Languages Canada?
(c) This is Canada’s premier language organization representing official languages: English and French. Membership is limited to programs from the public and private sectors that meet the rigorous standards of the association. Languages Canada is recognized by the Canadian government and internationally.
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  • Vancouver English Center Vancouver English CenterVancouver English Center
  • Ashton AshtonFounded in 1998, Ashton College has since become a national and international force in the field of education. Located in the heart of beautiful downtown Vancouver, Ashton College delivers an innovative, personalized, and fully comprehensive learning experience to both domestic and international students.      
  • Cornerstone CornerstoneCornerstone
  • iTTTi Vancouver iTTTi VancouveriTTTi Vancouver
  • Eurocentres EurocentresSince 1990, Eurocentres Canada has maintained excellence in providing the highest quality of comprehensive instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) to international students. They have an excellent mix of nationalities and the opportunity for students to make friends from all over the world!!! Their students can get one – one consulting every Friday, and ...
  • ILSC ILSCILSC is one of the most knowed school in Canada with Campus in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. In Downtown Vancouver the school has 5 campuses that offers a wide range of General English and specific courses for develop the student’s english skills in different topics. ILSC is Award Winning of Global English School & Experience in Education.
  • PGIC PGICPGIC’s Commitment to Excellence across campuses, across Canada and around the world: To add value to the students’ lives by delivering the highest quality ESL programs and offering the best support to help them achieve their goals. The school accomplish this by providing the most current and practical teaching techniques in an enthuasiastic and energetic atmosphere.
  • Eton college Eton collegeEton College Canada is a PCTIA accredited private career college spcializing in Flight Attendant Preparation,Hospitality,Travel & Tourism and Business Administration training.
  • Alexander Academy Alexander AcademyCentrally located in downtown Vancouver, Alexander Academy is a private secondary school approved to offer the BC Ministry of Education curriculum in a culturally rich and academically challenging environment for students in Grades 8-12. Founded in 2013, Alexander Academy is a private, academic, and co-educational day school with a maximum class size of 16 students.  ...
  • Eton college Eton College Canada is a PCTIA accredited private career college spcializing in Flight Attendant Preparation,Hospitality,Travel & Tourism and Business Administration training.
  • ILAC ILAC ILAC is located in Vancouver and Toronto, and has four campuses in Vancouver. In 2010 and 2013, ILAC has voted as NO.1 English language school in Canada by students and agents around the world. Over 10000 students come to ILAC every year, and the students are from over 70 countries.        
  • Arbutus College Arbutus CollegeArbutus College established in 2002, with a key objective to provide students with a unique business and communications structure not available in Vancouver. As a PCTIA accredited, EQA designated institution, Arbutus College’s students who have study permits for programs 6 months or longer are eligible to work  or participate in co-operative learning opportunities.     
  • VGC VGCVGC Language School offers a unique program called Global English (a hybrid of general English and academic skills). You will get the everyday usefulness of general English while developing the specialized skills needed for fluent and accurate communication in business or university academia.  
  • Alexander College Alexander College Alexander College
  • Ai AiAi, the art institute in  Vancouver, which offering  plenty of different kinds of programs relate to art. From three months certificate programs to two and half years bachelor degree programs,  Ai’s programs concludes Design, Media Arts, Fashion, Culinary and Event Management. Whoever is interested in art industry,  Ai will be a great institute to explore ...
  • KGIC (KGIBC) KGIC (KGIBC)KGIC has 6 campuses in Canada (3 KGIC+3 KGIBC). Their general English program separate the student’s listening, speaking, reading and writing skills by their first school day’s level exam, which can let the students learn in more comprehensive way.  Their university pathway program has more than 30 university partners to let students to have more options. ...
  • GBC (Gastown Business College) GBC (Gastown Business College)This school prepare our student to succeed in their chosen industry both in their practicums and fututher careers. we deliver an educational experience to transform student , supplementing and reinforcing skills needed for student futures.
  • SOL SCHOOLS SOL SCHOOLSThe General English Programs at Sol School are offered with four different schedules. At each level of study there are elective courses offered to allow you to improve your English in every area effectively and quickly. English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses are also offered in a variety of fields for professionals with a goal of ...
  • SELC SELCSELC was founded in 1985 in the city of Sydney being one of the longest established schools. SELC Canada opened its doors in Vancouver in 2012 and since then SELC Vancouver has developed its own culture and unique atmosphere, which separates us from larger, less personal schools.  
  • Sprott Shaw Sprott ShawSprott Shaw has 13 campuses across BC allowing graduates the opportunity to attend any location should they change their jobs or relocate in the future. The regular monthly start dates, allow students the chance to graduate and be job ready sooner. Students have a daily schedule of 4 to 5 hours, allowing them more time to ...
  • Canadian College Canadian CollegeCanadian College is known as a technological and Environment friendly institution which motivates students to learn english in a dynamical online system which follows the paper free rule as well. Studying in this school, you can start developing your english for leader to Career programs they offer which allows you to develop professional skills.   
  • Langara LangaraLangara is known as one of Canada’s premier University Transfer colleges. They offer university, career, and English as a Second Language (ESL) programs that focus on helping students develop strong academic skills and achieve their desired qualifications quickly.  
  • ILSC test
  • Alexander college Alexander  collegeAlexander college  was founded a school in 2003. There is a school in Downtown and Burnaby. Even tought  Private school, It’s possible to request off campus work permit and post graduate

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