PGIC’s Commitment to Excellence across campuses, across Canada and around the world: To add value to the students’ lives by delivering the highest quality ESL programs and offering the best support to help them achieve their goals. The school accomplish this by providing the most current and practical teaching techniques in an enthuasiastic and energetic atmosphere.



  • Wide variety of courses and flexible options for your program of study – over 20 different electives
  • Strict English Only Policy
  • Almost 20 years of English education to students from all over the world
  • Free after-school language workshops and clubs


What's New

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English communication program

TOEIC program

Business program

power speaking



Cambridge program

Hospitality skill

Cafe skill

School Overview

Address 1155 Robson St., Vancouver, BC, Canada V6E 1B5
Telphone. +1.604.687.3595 

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1155 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1B5, Canadá, 49.2855824, -123.12585430000001