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What are Canada Goose Brand Jackets?

What are Canada Goose Brand Jackets?

Canada Goose was founded in a small warehouse factory in Toronto 60 years ago.

Canada Goose is one of the most famous, high­end jacket makers in Canada.

Various Products Canada Goose manufactures a wide range of high­end and very warm jackets, parkas, vests, gloves and other

cold weather apparel.

Some of Canada Goose jackets are made for extremely cold (­40 degree) weather!

Price Jackets are usually between $600 and $800


They are certainly well made,but definitely not cheap! Where you can buy Canada goose ?

Brooklyn clothing co 418 Davie street

〜カナダ発のブランド カナダグース〜

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Things you must bring when you study abroad

Things you must bring when you study abroad

If you are planning to go to another country -such as Canada-, there are some things you must bring from your home.

  • medicine –

bring prescription medicine, because you might not be able to find it abroad

  • insurance –

make sure to buy insurance, you never know what might happen!

  • Souvenir –

to give to new friends that you will meet when you go to another Country! Also, after the study, it’s a good idea to get some souvenirs from local for your friends and family at your home country!

  • portable charger –

many countries have different electrical sockets





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